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Exciting changes are happening at Dialatree Nursery! After more than 30 years of growing organic multipurpose trees in the South Island, and 24 years online as dialatree.co.nz, we have followed various trends, and grown trees for all sorts of niches, often trying to grow absolutely everything from tomatoes to totaras. Now in the coming season we are finding our specialist area. Our specialities have included fast-growing farm shelter, native reafforesting, landscaping, planting and pruning production forests, and growing interesing subtropical fruits and berries. But the focus for Dialatree this year is on timber trees, to replace the despised radiata pine. Encouraged by the Billion Trees program, and also to create future raw materials for local industries, we are specialising more and more into growing wholesale alternative hardy timber tree species, for small scale growers. These trees provide the real world answer to the question: What can we plant instead of Pines? Pines are planted becuse they survive and grow fast. If we can find timber trees that perform both these tasks, we are on the way to replacing pines with something better across New Zealand.

Some of our young cypress and cryptomeria trees on the West Coast.

Wholesale Timber Trees

We plan to meet the demand for Cupressus lusitanicas, the modern macrocarpas; old fashioned Macrocarpas, our best seller; Oak trees, which are multi purpose wonder trees; Lawson cypress, an old fashioned farm favourite; and the up and coming stars, Japanese Cedars. For small one hectare woodlots or even a few dozen trees these are the easiest, quickest and most rewarding timber trees to grow, either on your vast hill farm, or small cosy lifestyle block. They are all tried and true, old fashioned trees which have been grown on farms for many years all over New Zealand. The new kid on the block is Lusitanica, which is now recognised as a healthy "modern macrocarpa". Lusitanica certainly promises to be a major timber supply tree in the near term future for the domestic and export markets. If you want to grow macrocarpas but they have either frozen or dried out, lusitanicas may prove more resistant on your chilly inland terrain.

Grow Anywhere

All our trees suit cold climates but macrocarpas are more coastal. Cypresses do better the further south and west you plant them. Of course we will continue to grow some fast growing hardy native timber trees like Hall's Totara, Kahikatea, and native shelter, as well as our quirky range of funny fruits like subtropical Tamarilloes, and NZ Cranberries, Crab Apples and Alpine Strawberries, that survive just about anywhere, adding edible treats to your forest.

Also unchanged is our commitment to growing everything without chemical sprays or fertilisers, to produce tough healthy organic plants that survive really well in their new homes. Our wild Moreporks and Wekas are busy seeking out and eating the moths and snails to save the young trees from damage. Our trees are watered by the copious Westland rain, hand weeded, and grown in natural media. Only the best quality and healthiest plants are allowed to be dispatched. This way we get great survival rates, and many repeat customers.

80 Japanese cedars ready for dispatch to your farm.
Wholesale Timber Trees

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