The fascinating book "Growing Organic Trees" is now available in print, from the author:
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and on kindle e-books - The lifestyle handbook for tree growers:

"Growing Organic Trees: Growing trees for wood and fruit without chemicals."

cover of Growing Organic Trees, a luscious organic sturmer apple dripping with raindrops

by Ben Gaia, 160 pages. Available from the author at $40.00 throughout NZ including postage.

From Overseas, available online at Amazon Books.
"Lively and informative".
"Thanks to Ben Gaia, this book is just as relevant up here amongst the bananas and feijoas as it was down on the West Coast. Smallholders Tree Bible."-a reader in Northland.

Extra: Free Download - full index of topics and species list for "Growing Organic Trees", download index here.

A handbook for all tree growers. email for details.

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