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Dial-a-Tree Nursery: Organic Berry Plants

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White Alpine Strawberries
Alpine style tasty wee strawberries that ripen to white, outwitting the birds who are waiting for them to redden. Variety is White Soul, full of flavour to add to summer desserts. Plant spring and autumn. Edible ground cover for your food forest.
Box of 20 plants for $80.00 .

"NZ Cranberry", or Cranberry Guava, Ugni molinae.
Delicious small strawberry-and-cream flavoured berries in summer. Easy to grow.
Plantable Wholesale 20cm+ plants in tubes or rootrainers: 20 rooted cuttings for $92.00

Other Fruits
We grow a few other fruits which thrive in our west coast rainfall, so they probably suit any cool or moist area.
Crab apple trees are available all year round, PB2 or open grown. 50cm+. The variety is a seedling of the Jack Humm type, with prolific spring blossoms and deep red intense flavoured fruit in late summer. Add to apple pies for flavour. Good for attracting bees to your orchard. A large apple tree, makes a huge ball of blossom, also good in shelterbelts. Leave the fruit on and flocks of waxeyes and bellbirds will arrive. $45.00 each

We also have the Red or Strawberry Guavas, at $15 per plant, (not available in Auckland) to add to your mixed orchard. Under cover from frost, they pump out delicious tropical fruit.

All our berry plants and fruit trees are organic and locally grown in Westland.

Freight per box,12 or 20 berry plants, or up to 12 other fruits wholesale: $30.00. Includes Rural Delivery. Nationwide except islands. Minimum order $48.00


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