Dial-a-Tree Nursery: Plants for the Fruit Orchard

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White Strawberries
Alpine style tasty wee strawberries that ripen to white, outwitting the birds who are waiting for them to redden. 9 plants for $36

Tamarillo or Tree Tomato, only available in summer/autumn, 30cm plus plants $40 for five.

"Chilean Guava" Ugni molinae, or "NZ Cranberry". Delicious "strawberry and cream" fruit in summer. Easy to grow. Large PB2 $12 each. 20-30cm plants in tubes: twelve for $48

Crab apple trees available all year round $15 each, PB2 or open grown. Variety is a seedling of the Jack Humm type, with prolific spring blossoms and deep red fruit late summer.

GRAPES - Hardy White Iona variety, suitable for coastal gardens, great fruit for juice or wine. $10 each, planting grade 30cm+, in PB2, best panted winter, available all year round.

LOQUATS- pi pa - Hardy subtropical big leaf foliage, fruit. $15 each, planting grade 30cm+

"Micro Orchard": Very popular mixes: Five organic fruiting trees in PB2s or similar size, ready to plant at 30 to 60+cm tall, West Coast raised. Pick and mix your combination, for example: I young grape vine, 1 tamarillo tree, 1 loquat tree, 1 NZ cranberry bush, and a crab apple tree: total $60 plus freight.

All organic and locally grown in Westland.

Freight: Free delivery Hokitika, $18 nationwide, including RD all areas. Please state if RD to get the same rate.
Ask for auctions of larger quantities, combine up to 12 PB2 plants or up to 40 root trainer trees in one box for $18 freight.

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