Dial-a-Tree Nursery: Plants for the Fruit Orchard

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White Strawberries
Alpine style tasty wee strawberries that ripen to white, outwitting the birds who are waiting for them to redden. 10 plants for $36

"Chilean Guava" Ugni molinae, or "NZ Cranberry". Delicious "strawberry and cream" fruit in summer. Easy to grow. Large PB2 $12 each, tubes ten for $50

Red guavas as shown available summer $12 each PB2

LOQUATS- pi pa - Hardy subtropical big leaf foliage, fruit. $25 each, planting grade c.40cm

Ask about grapes, figs, citrus, tamarillo, cape gooseberry, crab apple, and redcurrant plants, all organic and locally grown, seasonal availability varies.

Micro Orchard: Very popular mix: Five organic fruiting trees in PB2s or similar size, ready to plant at 40+cm tall, West Coast raised. Mixes vary, for example: I young grape vine, 1 red guava bush, 1 loquat tree, 1 NZ Cranberry bush, and a Crab Apple tree: total $60 plus freight.

Freight: Free delivery Hokitika, $10 Greymouth, $18 nationwide, including RD all areas. Please state if RD to get same rate.
View dial-a-tree's other listings. Ask for auctions of larger quantities, combine up to 12 PB2 plants or up to 80 root trainer trees in one box for $18.

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