Forestry Trees Wholesale

We grow organic healthy, hardy timber trees in root trainers and open ground. All trees will be of a plantable grade. Due to supply limitations, only a smaller wholesale grade may be available, eg 20cm instead of 30cm. We aim to supply a foot tall tree (30cm) that will survive the rigours of planting.

Timber Trees for the South and North Islands:

We specialise in organically grown quality exotic timber and shelter trees, grown here in our West Coast nursery. We also grow some native trees suitable for timber production. Minimum wholesale orders apply. (20 trees)

Cryptomeria japonica, Sugi, Japanese Cedar.

Fast growing quality timber for moist sites. Good performing NZ seed source. 30cm plus in large rootrainers. $70 for twenty.

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana - Lawson's cypress (or Port Orford Cedar),

pictured below. Great scented tough light wood, hardy tree, good shelter, fast growing in moist areas. 30-40cm in tinus rootrainers $70 for twenty, or large grade in PB2 $7 each

Cupressus lusitanica - Mexican cypress,

like a macrocarpa but hardier to dry, cool inland conditions - strong timber. Very hardy trees,attractive pyramid shape and fast growing. South Island seed. $70 for twenty, 30 to 50cm grade. Bulk deals available (300+) Also PB2 50cm+, $7 each

Cupressus macrocarpa - Macrocarpa

our most popular Cypress forestry tree species. Good performing seed source. 30-50cm in large rootrainers. $70 for twenty. Also PB2 40cm to 70cm, $7 each

Podocarpus hallii - Mountain Totara.

Mountain Totara is the top performing hardy native timber tree, with good animal resistance, straight trunks, great for carving, beautiful coloured wood. Invest in the future. 30-40cm in tubes or PB2.

Podocarpus dacrydioides - Kahikatea.

NZs tallest forest tree, fast growing, handles wet soil, timber like hearty pine. PB2 30cm+, $7 each

We are planting the future forests of Tane Mahuta, the spirit of forest life.

Freight per box up to 80 trees wholesale, or 12 trees in PB2: $18. State if RD to get the same rate.
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