Forestry Trees Wholesale

We specialise in organically grown quality exotic timber and shelter trees, grown here in our West Coast nursery. We supply healthy strong trees suitable for timber production. Minimum wholesale orders apply. (20 trees)
All trees will be of a plantable grade. Due to supply limitations, only a smaller wholesale grade may be available, eg 20cm instead of 30cm. We aim to supply a strong tree up to one foot tall (30cm) that will survive the rigours of planting.

Timber Trees for the South and North Islands:

Cryptomeria japonica, Sugi, usually called Japanese Cedar.

Fast growing quality timber for moist sites. Good performing professional seed source. Could become a good replacement for Pinus radiata, as they grow anywhere, grow fast, and are less likely to blow down due to their interlocking roots. Good for shelter belts or forestry blocks. The timber is insect resistant, light and easily worked for joinery. It doesn't need treatment. Traditionally used in Japan for building, notably as temple pillars from old trees, see the picture at the foot of the page.

Available 20 to 30cm in rootrainers. $160.00 for forty trees. Larger orders taken. See the tree blog for more about these sought-after timber trees.

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana - Lawson's cypress (Port Orford Cedar)

Pictured below. Great scented tough light wood, with qualities similar to cedar. The heartwood is very durable and the fresh scent deters insects. A hardy tree, good shelter, slow but steady growing, well known in rural NZ, old trees are prized for milling. It grows best in moist areas. Trees look similar to Leyland cypress. Planting grade in Tinus rootrainers 20cm+, from $160.00 per forty trees. Larger orders taken. See the tree blog for more about Lawson cypress. Most of our Lawsons are pre-sold by arrangement.

Cupressus lusitanica - Mexican cypress

Similar to a macrocarpa but hardier to frost. Strong timber like macrocarpa. Suits cool moist climates and cool inland sites. Very hardy trees, attractive pyramid shape and very fast growing. Growth rate will knock your socks off. Now our most popular cypress for timber trees and shelter belts. South Island seed source. Plantable, 20 to 40cm tall in Hilson forestry rootrainer grade. Box of 80 trees for $320.00 plus freight. Larger orders taken. See the dialatree blog for more about Lusitanicas.

Cupressus macrocarpa - Macrocarpa

Traditional local Cypress forestry tree species. Good performing seed source. These trees grow as fast as Radiata pines on a good well drained, warm site. Macrocarpa timber is highly sought after, it is strong, light coloured, and doesn't need treatment. It has been described as a good substitute for Kauri timber. Everybody loves those macrocarpa bench tops. Great coastal shelter trees. Planting grade 25cm+ in large rootrainers. $160.00 per forty trees.

Quercus robur - Oak Trees

40+cm tall, Oak trees, Quercus robur, with good roots. Valuable timber, or shelter trees, acorns feed pigs, leaves enrich soil; frost hardy, organically grown, tolerates windy and inland sites, ready to plant. Can grow big, better for a farm than a small garden. Best transplanted when dormant in winter. Wholesale supply Winter only: bag of 100 oaks 40-60cm $400.00 plus freight.

Tree Lucerne - Chamaecytisus palmensis

Available summer only: Tree lucerne or Tagasaste. Fast growing legume, small tree, flowers early spring for native pigeons and bee food, hot burning firewood, drought fodder, shelter. Agroforestry wonder tree. 30cm in tubes, $80.00 for 20, or $320.00 for eighty.

Redwoods - Sequoia sempervirens

When available. Fast growing timber trees with world renowned quality red cedar-like, stable timber, can be milled in 50 years, fussy about site and likes moisture. Fire resistant. Emerging in NZ as a new favourite hoped to replace Pinus radiata. This is a tree for the careful forester. Pre ordered. When available, in large rootrainers: $200.00 for 40 trees.


Freight per box: 20 to 40 rootrainer trees wholesale, 80 lusitanicas, or 100 oak trees in bag (winter): $25.00. Includes Rural Delivery.
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Pre Ordering Your Trees

Tree nurseries can run out of trees due to a burst in popularity. Often it is best to pre-book your trees so you can be sure they are there when you are ready to plant them. You can book our trees several months ahead depending on numbers.

We guarantee a fixed price. We let you know when the trees are ready to collect or deliver to you, strong and ready to plant. They will have lived and survived a year of hailstorms, insects and wild weather, tough and ready to grow.

E-mail us for details. For example 80 Cryptomeria trees in Tinus rootrainers are $320.00 plus $50.00 freight. See the catalogue above for other prices.

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