Forestry Trees Wholesale

We specialise in organically grown quality exotic timber and shelter trees, grown here in our West Coast nursery. We supply healthy strong trees suitable for timber production. Minimum wholesale orders apply. (20 trees)
All trees will be of a plantable grade. Due to supply limitations, only a smaller wholesale grade may be available, eg 20cm instead of 30cm. We aim to supply a one foot tall tree (30cm) that will survive the rigours of planting.

Timber Trees for the South and North Islands:

Cryptomeria japonica, Sugi, Japanese Cedar.

Fast growing quality timber for moist sites. Good performing NZ seed source. 20cm plus in large rootrainers. $80 for twenty. Large planting grade in PB2 30cm+, $72 for 12.

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana - Lawson's cypress ( Port Orford Cedar)

pictured below. Great scented tough light wood, hardy tree, good shelter, fast growing in moist areas. Large planting grade in PB2 30cm+, $72 for 12.

Cupressus lusitanica - Mexican cypress

Similar to a macrocarpa but hardier to dry, cool inland conditions - strong timber. Very hardy trees,attractive pyramid shape and fast growing. South Island seed source. $60 for twenty, 30cm+ rootrainer grade. Large planting grade in PB2 40cm+, $60 for 12.

Cupressus macrocarpa - Macrocarpa

Our most popular Cypress forestry tree species. Good performing seed source. 30-40cm in large rootrainers. $60 for twenty. Also PB2 40cm to 70cm, $60 for 12

Quercus robur - Oak Trees

40+cm tall, Oak trees ready to plant, Quercus robur in PB2s with good roots. Valuable timber, or shelter trees, acorns feed pigs, leaves enrich soil; frost hardy, organically grown, tolerates windy and inland sites, ready to plant. Can grow big, better for a farm than a small garden. Best transplanted when dormant in winter. Box of twelve for $60.00

Also available summer only: Tree lucerne/tagasaste, fast growing legume, small tree, flowers early spring for bird and bee food, hot burning firewood, shelter. 30cm in tubes, $80 for 20.

Freight per box up to 40 rootrainer trees wholesale, or 12 trees in PB2: $18 per box freight. State if RD to get the same rate.
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