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forestry and fruit plants

New Zealand Native Plants

Often native plants are the best hardy shelter and pioneer species as they are used to the conditions. We specialise in plantable grades in PB2s of Nikau palms.
Each year we have a variety of hardy and fast growing native shrubs and trees, as reafforesting grades in tubes, 20 to 40cm tall. Best planted spring or autumn. 20 per box, a good size to freight. 20 plants assortment native pack for $100.00 plus freight.
Coprosmas, mahoe, fuchsia tree, other shrubs

Nikau Palms

Stylish native palms, Rhopalostylis sapida, best in part shade, architectural, pure New Zealand, give a great subtropical native coastal jungle feeling. West Coast seed grown. Hardy to -5C under shade. Slow growing and beautiful. Good fronds and roots. Grown in our nursery from seed. These are four years old. $12.00 each, minimum order five palms for $60.

We have some large nikaus in hard pots from $240.00.

Pseudopanax hybrid, Lancewood bush. $12.00 each

Dacrycarpus dacridioides - Kahikatea - White Pine. 20cm + grown in tubes. Ready to plant. Fast growing when fed. Does anything a pine tree will do. Millable timber known as White Pine in 30-45 years. Berries for birds. NZ's tallest tree grows to 40 metres. Likes moist soil, clay, high rainfall. Good native shelter in difficult areas. Surprisingly fast growing when well fertilised. Berries for birds. Get that "deep forest" feeling! $5.00 each

Pittosporum colensoi - Westland Matipo. Hardy fast growing evergreen small tree great for coastal shelter, wet ground, harsh winds. Night scented flowers in summer. Similar to Pittosprum tenuifolium, with bigger, glossy light green leaves. $100.00 for twenty


Freight per box, 12 trees in PB2s, or 20 tube grown trees: $30.00. Includes Rural Delivery.

We are planting the future forests of Tane Mahuta, the spirit of forest life.
These organic native trees are ready to plant and survive. West Coast Eco-sourced seeds from Te Tai o Poutini.

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