New Zealand Native Plants

Often native plants are the best hardy shelter and pioneer species as they are used to the conditions. We supply PB2 grades at $6, and some larger grades of architectural and interesting hardy native specimens at $16. Wholesale lots of 12 PB2 plants can be couriered nationwide for $18 freight, including to RD addresses. Minimum order five plants ($30)

Nikau palms

Stylish native palms, best in part shade, give a great subtropical native coastal jungle feeling. West Coast seed grown. Hardy to -5C under shade. Slow growing but beautiful. Current special: Five 30-40 cm frond nikau palms in PB2, $80 per 5. Good fronds and roots. Grown in our nursery from seed as we do not pull up palms from the wild.

Broadleaf, Griselinia littoralis

Easily grown glossy leafed shelter shrubs, flat leaves glow when back lit by the sun, grows to a small tree, ideal for native hedging or farm riparian strips, stock-friendly. West Coast cutting grown. Hardy except in snow. 30 cm plants in PB2, $30 per 5.

Pittosporum colensoi

Matipo, hardy evergreen shelter with night scented flowers. Grows in wet ground. Good for shelter hedges or riparian planting. When available PB2 30+cm, $30 for 5

Podocarpus hallii - Mountain Totara.

Mountain Totara is the top performing hardy native timber tree, with good animal resistance, straight trunks, great for carving, beautiful coloured wood. Invest in the future. 30-40cm in tubes or PB2. $30 per 5

Podocarpus dacrydioides - Kahikatea.

NZs tallest forest tree, fast growing, handles wet soil, timber like hearty pine. PB2 30cm+, $6 each

We are planting the future forests of Tane Mahuta, the spirit of forest life.
Other locally eco-sourced native trees available in PB2 grades: ready to plant:
Mingimingi, karamu, mahoe, tree fuchsia, seven finger, for shelter, when available

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