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Tips about Redwoods - Supply, Planting and Survival
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Redwood Seedlings: A Word About Size

While it's best to plant out a 30cm tall redwood tree in most forestry situations, the actual height above ground matters less than the size of the roots. Rootrainer trees and open grown trees have more underground than above. Seedling stock varies at 1.5 years old, from 10 cm to 50 cm tall. But a nursery grown redwood by that age will have a good root ball ready to handle planting.

Like oaks, redwoods take some time to settle, then, later, take off fast. Rabbit and deer protection as well as cattle fencing are all essential. A good dollop of fertiliser should be thrown in the hole.

The demands of packaging for mail order trees require the smallest trees possible! Particularly as boxes must now be covered for rural delivery so the taller they are the harder they are to squeeze in... So we still aim to send out 20 to 30 cm trees, but some will be larger and some smaller. Due to high demand we want to help by getting these trees out to you as early as we can. Some people will find a 20cm tree too small to plant out. These smaller trees should be grown on for a while with shade and regular watering, and planted when you feel happy with their size.

Follow-up watering the first summer helps all forestry trees, especially with some fish and seaweed liquid fertiliser in the water.


Order now for delivery after August 2024. Organic outdoor hardened Redwood seedlings. Sequoia sempervirens. Professional seed source. Second year outdoor grown Sequoia trees are selected for quality, having survived wind, frosts, hail and drought.These are fast growing timber trees with world renowned quality red cedar-like, stable timber. Can be milled in 25 to 50 years. Fussy about site and likes moisture and mist. Fire resistant. Emerging in NZ as a new favourite for both timber production and carbon storage. We supply a plantable size, about 20cm + with strong tips and well developed roots, ready to take off in the ground. 1.5 year old stock in large Tinus rootrainers: $240.00 for 40 trees.
Secure your supply: One hectare planting lots of 400 trees at $2200.00 ($5.50 each) plus delivery at 75 cents per tree, or to collect from our nursery.

Redwood tree at 23 years


Cryptomerias packed to send.

Freight per box: up to 50 Redwoods: $30.00. Includes Rural Delivery. Offshore islands extra.

Pre Ordering Your Trees

Tree nurseries can run out of trees due to a burst in popularity. Often it is best to pre-book your trees so you can be sure they are there when you are ready to plant them. We let you know when the trees are ready to collect or deliver to you, strong and ready to plant. Your trees will have lived and survived through months of wild Westland weather - hailstorms, and insects: tough and ready to grow. So if your preferred trees are out of stock, consider pre-ordering them a few months ahead. As far as nursery planning goes, this method of ordering suits us best! :)

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